1971-Years in Peraia

1973-A few years back

1975-Where the dead live



1978-The Golden Disc

1979-I'm not bum No. 8

1982-My last roll

1983-The scarecrows

1985-The Golden Age 13

1985-The First

1986-The Zagora

1987-The gifts

1992-Live in Thessaloniki

1992-The doll

1994-12 Laika

1994-The language of the magician 1


1995-From the treasures of 45 turns

1995-Psiri Square

1996-Songs From The 45 Turns

1998-In bulk

1999-In prison

2000-From 45 Turns No. 3

2000-Spyros Zagoreios ~ Vangelis Perpiniadis - Kanavouries

2001-The History of Rebetiko

2002-Long live the truth

2002-The Language of the Magician 2

2003-An old sin of mine came back tonight

2003-The Red Lanterns

2004-My best songs

2005-E de la magen

2006-Favorite voices