He was born in Agios Artemios (Gouva), Pagrati on June 23, 1928. At the age of 15, he lost his hand in an accident when he dropped a grenade while playing with classmates in Agia Paraskevi, Attica. However, he entered the field of popular song dynamically and stood out with his voice. He started his career in 1952 from Athens and after Thessaloniki.

In the early 1960s, Zoe's wife began accompanying him on the song, creating one of the most popular duets in popular song. He has performed many concerts in Greece and abroad living Greeks. Until almost the last years of his life he continued his artistic activity in Aigaleo Attica where he lived and had created the folk center "Entelamagen". He died at the age of 86 on October 20, 2014. His funeral service was held at the Third Cemetery.


1971-Years in Peraia

1973-A few years back

1975-Where the dead live



1978-The Golden Disc

1979-I'm not bum No. 8

1982-My last roll

1983-The scarecrows

1985-The Golden Age 13

1985-The First

1986-The Zagora

1987-The gifts

1992-Live in Thessaloniki

1992-The doll

1994-12 Laika

1994-The language of the magician 1


1995-From the treasures of 45 turns

1995-Psiri Square

1996-Songs From The 45 Turns

1998-In bulk

1999-In prison

2000-From 45 Turns No. 3

2000-Spyros Zagoreios ~ Vangelis Perpiniadis - Kanavouries

2001-The History of Rebetiko

2002-Long live the truth

2002-The Language of the Magician 2

2003-An old sin of mine came back tonight

2003-The Red Lanterns

2004-My best songs

2005-E de la magen

2006-Favorite voices

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