He was born in Athens in 1933 and began singing in 1958. He died on May 30, 2019, at the age of 86.

He had composed and performed many songs for the first time, among which the most popular are:

My Dangerous Love (composer and performer)

Why are you still sitting near me (composer)

Two women, two loves (composer and performer)

Paliatzis (composer)

Last night at the tavern (composer)

Where to turn (Composer)

But what am I saying (composer)

Sacrificed (composer)

Are you anything else (composer)

I have a great love (performer)

Only you kept me (interpreter)

My hopes go away (interpreter)

Pick up my girlfriend (first performance) (performer)

Climbing steps (Interpreter)

Why my sweet crying (performer)

At the crossroads (interpreter)

Is my thought crazy (interpreter)