Born in Peristeri on December 11, 1922, from a poor family, he initially worked as a plumber while playing guitar. He was the youngest child of an eight-member family. In December he was hiding in a well at his home in Peristeri, later a wrecker in 1945 until 1947 where he participated in the Macronisan Orchestra for the entertainment of the officers. As an escorted prisoner of war, in 1948 he met Mikis Theodorakis with whom he collaborated. In 1967 she sang the junta anthem with Vicky Moscholiou despite Theodorakis' strong protests for not doing so.

She had two marriages and had 3 children. His son, Gregory, named after his father, also became a singer. Gregory Bithikotsis passed away after a short period of hospitalization on April 7, 2005 at the age of 82 years.