He came with his family to Kavala in 1935 and later stayed in a village near Volos. Mitsakis comes into contact with folk music in Magnesia but will soon seek his fortune in Thessaloniki. He meets Vassilis Tsitsanis and Hatzichristos and ends up in Piraeus, the city he will love, in 1939. "We wrote about greed, feast, the love of the popular man," he said. "I gave the question and the answer immediately. Then we were playing our own songs. I was singing solo, treble, I was playing bouzouki, old man Karipis guitar, blind man Chrysinis and I were in front of the microphone and people were listening. And when no one was shouting, Mitsaki taught me to play "tortured", I made fun of him ... "Tonight it started raining and my mind is running again on you ...". I was singing these, the suffering and the hopes of the people. I represented this world in my songs, five thousand in total. There the song was caught. What to excite the ship owner of this kind? He won't understand it, no matter how educated he is ... "

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