Polis Kermanidis, born in Xanthi on April 20, 1946, first appeared in discography in the mid-1960s. In 1976, Mitsakis' song is "discreetly" adapted and the unexpectedly great "bam" is unexpectedly made. Mitsakis 'song, "weird", "quirky" and "whimsical" in melodic writing and lyric structure, blends perfectly with Kermanidis' voice, characterized by wide-ranging breaths, direct, popular scope and power, a familiar classical and yet anarchist - modern interpretation.

"Ships are dying in the harbors" is the title of the second solo album released by Panivar, which at that time had gathered many great folk performers (Vangelis Perpiniadis, Spyros Zagoraio, Prodromos Tsavakou, Mousaaki Tsouasaki etc) that no longer fit in with the traditional big record companies, as well as notable younger ones (Elena Giannakakis, Lefteris Pantazis, Andrea Zakynthinaki, etc.). The world is tired of perhaps the "politico-social" song, which in some cases becomes a self-defeating and abusive end to the exploitation of the post-communist climate, embracing the album's songs and Kermanidis becoming a first-rate star.

The album also includes "Betrayed Kisses" (P. Kermanidis), "In a House Built with Tears" (B. Markakis) and the wonderful "My Poor Heart, Be Patient" (Chr. Kotsoni). The song is based on the same "Arab-Egyptian" purpose that Manolis Angelopoulos based on his musical cover, in lyrics by Maros Bizani, in the legendary "Your Black Eyes". Kotsoni's adaptation (composer, bouzoux and for many years a collaborator of Kermanidis) is faster and more "flexible" than that of Angelopoulos, dominated by the imposing sound of the harmonica.

Kermanidis released the album "I Give and My Wear" the following year, which featured Kotsoni's beautiful song "You Came This Summer". The big hits "Human Failures" (1979) will follow with "Stand Up To Me", always by Kotsoni, and "I Wish I Was Crazy" (1981). He leaves Panivar and makes two LPs on CBS, one on Music Box and returns to Panivar.

"Ships are dying in ports" is a trademark of Kermanidis and expresses, as a title, the course of classic folk song in the 1970s. Mitsakis' song, which is known to have a particular weakness in "seafood" themes, dominated pirate stations selling plots, monopolized jukebox preferences, became slogans, and endured over time. It is noteworthy that few are aware of Papadakis' execution and regard Kermanidis as the first and authentic one.

He died of cancer on August 6, 2012 at the age of 66.


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