He was born on August 29, 1931 in Nea Ionia, Attica, and was a son of Charalambos Kazantzidis, originally from the Kotioras (Ordou) of Pontus and Gestimman (Hadjidaina) from the Alaya of southwest Asia Minor. His father was a builder in the profession and during the occupation he organized himself in the ELAS ranks and worked for the Chamber of Commerce (ETA). During the civil war he was murdered by paramilitary anti-communists.

The teenager Kazantzidis (13) was forced to work in various jobs.

The first person to appreciate his voice was a boss who, upon listening to him at work, gave him a guitar. Kazantzidis' teacher was Stelios Chrysinis, a blind composer.

In 1952, Kazantzidis debuted his record label with a song by Apostolos Kaldaras. This song has the title "I go for a swim". It was a song written about the heat that prevailed in the capital that summer. The album didn't sell because it mimicked the voice of Prodromos Tsousakakis and Stelios Kazantzidis' career would be gone before it started well. The one who realized the potential of Kazantzidis' voice was the composer Yiannis Papaioannou. His song The Suitcase Becomes a Great Success and the Kazantzidis Phenomenon Begins to Get Flesh and Bones.

In October 1965, Kazantzidis, Marinella and Manolis Angelopoulos prepare concerts that will eventually not take place, a few months later Kazantzidis made the big decision to stop live performances at the centers. The reason is his disgust with the situation in the nightclubs. Marinella typically says that only in the shop where Kazantzidis worked was she banned (by himself) singers from sitting at the tables of sturdy financial customers. Kazantzidis' departure from the pulpit, "... constitutes the most dramatic form of silent protest against a relentless system of intrusion by young wealthy patrons, discography bosses and nightclubs ...".

After the post-war period, she released the album "In the East" with music by Mikis Theodorakis. It included great songs, such as "Poor Powers," "And No One Talked," "In the East," but they weren't heard as much as they should have been. In 1975 came "Exist", in collaboration with Nikolopoulos and Pythagoras and George Dalara to smoke. Kazantzidis retires from recordings at the earliest and strongest record of his career. His confrontation with Minos took on a pan-Hellenic dimension. Finally, in 1987, with its own legislation, it remained free with MINOS. The next album - "MINOS" - entitled "On the Road to Return", exceeds 400,000 Thousands of Sales - Only in the Greek Market

Kazantzidis with Marinella and footballer Mimi Papaioannou arrive in Germany for concerts. The reception provided by the expatriates is touching. With them the young - then - bouzouki's craftsman Christos Nikolopoulos. At the same time Kazantzidis and Christos Kolokotronis (music and lyrics respectively) created the AEK anthem that Papaioannou interpreted: "Beat, defeat".

It was preceded in 1959 by Kazantzidis' lawsuit with the record company COLUMBIA, due to the record sales of the song "Mandubala", which reached 100,000 at that time. On the other side of the same album is "Two Doors Has Life", with music by Kazantzidis and lyrics by Happiness Papayannopoulou. Despite unprecedented sales and as the company made millions from the record, the singer himself received less than 1000 drachmas. This was because the singers were then paid a lump sum for each record and did not receive sales percentages. Kazantzidis owes a lot to contemporary singers, since he first claimed rates for his industry and his effort proved to be a positive one.

In 1969, he decides to retire for about two years. It is then that he makes the effort to create his own company, "STANDAR" but the established interests and censorship in the years of the Junta of the Colonels do not leave him. The same fate had any other business moves, such as the frog farming, ouzo "I exist" that was released later, etc.

At the end of 1975 comes the album "Exist". Christos Nikolopoulos and Pythagoras sign Stelios' departure from the discography for twelve years. In 1988 his mother Gestimani passed away. Following is the album "Free" on Polygram. His records become gold and platinum with record sales.

During his career, he sang creations of great composers (Manos Hadjidakis, Akis Panou, Giannis Paleologou, Apostolos Kaldaras, Manolis Chiotis, Mikis Theodorakis, Theodoris DerveniotisNakis Petridis, Christos Leondis Takis Schook Thanasis Polykandriotis Babis Mpakalis Christos Nikolopoulos George Mitsakis Vassilis Tsitsanis, Stavros Xarchakos, Manos Loizos, Ioannis Papaioannou George Zambetas etc.) and songwriters (Costas Virvou, Happiness Papagiannopoulou Tasos Levaditis, Dimitris Christodoulou, Lefteris Papadopoulos, Pythagoras, Sotia Tsotou, Christos Kolokotronis, Evangelos Atraidis, Vanta Koutsokosta, Nikos Loukas, Lefteris Hapsiadis, Charalambos Vassilias)

In 1982 she married Vaso Katsavou.

He passed away on September 14, 2001, at the age of 70, after a long battle with cancer. His burial took place at the Elefsina Cemetery, next to the grave of Gethsemane's mother, as he himself wished, and his funeral became a popular pilgrimage by thousands of admirers.


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Collections released after his death

2001 - Catania

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2006 - Friendly Tweezers (Live Live Recording)

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2008 - Exist [The 72 Best Songs]

2008 - Pontiac Meeting

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