He was born in 1940 in Itea Karditsa. At a young age he moved to Athens to work. He became more popular with the song "Laughter Lady" as well as his involvement in the television series Our Neighborhood in the role of "Jonathan". She died of cancer on October 13, 2010 at the age of 70.

Excerpt from an interview he gave earlier.

"My dream was to become a theatrical player. From my childhood, that was my passion, my passion, my illness. I was born and raised in Itea (Koutsari) in Karditsa and always visited our so-called summer bouquets, the famous ones touring troupes, so seeing them I wanted to become one too. With that thought I grew up, finished high school in Karditsa, came to Athens, graduated from drama school and entered theater and worked for six years and worked in theater for six years. The greatest luck has come in 1971, when he called me to play in a TV series for the famous then "Our Neighborhood." At the same time I started working in a music hall singer, the shop 'catacombs'. It was the seventies that marked me. By the end of the 74s I was working in a shop and listening to Kostas Psychogiosos completely coincidentally and he gave me "Hello My Lady"