He was born in Vatrachonisi, now known as the Athens Metz district. His father was from Folegandros and his mother was from Ikaria. At an early age he was involved with the harmonica in the scouts and later with the cavities with which he made cadets. During the occupation he joined ELAS.

He performed well-known songs such as "Get Up Down Down", "At the Crossroads", "Don't Get Into A Pain", "Get Off And Leave Me", "Get A Heart On Fire", "Leave Me Away", "La Cha Cha", "Every harbor and gloom", "Dream tied up", "The seagulls", "If you want to go away", "Glickey tire me", "I am an old kid". He founded the record label "Sonata".


1966-The Seagulls

1967-The door opens

1967-Songs by Panos Gavala

1968-Amber beads

1968-Dreamy dreams and dreams

1970-Once we only live

1970-Panos Gavalas

1970-He burned a heart

1971-Today on this album

1971-In the cape in Perama

1975-Modest and humble

1976-My Successes

1976-Front cliff and back stream

1977-14 Golden Successes

1977 - Popular emotions

1978-My Best Songs

1979-Current and popular

1980-A station

1982-Memorable Successes

1982-An adventure

1983-Memorable Successes 2

1984-It's time for a hug

1984-The Golden Age 1954-1961 No. 1

1984-The Golden Age 1954-1961 No. 2

1985-The Golden Age 1954-1961 No. 5

1985-The Golden Age 1954-1961 No. 15

1986-One breath

1987-Lambraki-Two duo

1989-Singing Seasons 2

1991-The Great Successes



1994-From the treasures of 45 turns

1994-Discography Tsitsani 8 (Panou - Gavalas)

1994-Folk emotions-An adventure

1995-Successes from 45 turns No. 1

1996-Successes from 45 turns No 2

1995-Portraits of Minos EMI-15

1996-Songs From The 45 Turns

1996-Great Successes

1997-Songs From The 45 Turns # 2

1997-That's always a goodbye

1998-The Great Voices of Greek Song

1998-Songs From The 45 Turns No. 3

1999-Again with dawn

2000-Songs From The 45 Turns No. 4

2001-18 Great Successes

2002-Great Greek Performers No 3

2003-22 Great Successes

2005-Every pomp and tear

Great songs

2006-Anthology - 1926-1988 (4 Cd)

2007-From 78 Turns (1954 - 1960) (4 Cd)

2008-Remaking the old

2009-The Greek song No 11

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