A popular singer and songwriter who left the dictatorial era for his interpretive temperament and his figures on the dance floor. Greece's Johnny Halliday has been called. His songs have been a great success playing the Baglams and I will live a free bird, heard to this day.

Christos Syrpos, as his full name was, was born in 1924 in Constantinople. He came with his family to Greece and settled in Drama, where he initially worked as a plumber. He entered the song with the encouragement and assistance of rebetis Costas Kaplan.

Between 1950 and 1967 he sang "seco" (second voice) and played the guitar and the band alongside the biggest names of folk song (Polly Panos, Yiota Lydia, etc.), both in discography and in pulp. From 1967 he began his solo career with great success. It was the first name in the shops of the beach (Dilina etc.) and entertained their customers until morning. He used to sing lying on his back on the track while he was covered in piles of broken dishes.

His first big success came in the mid-1960s with the song Sapphire / Gavala Do your eyes good. Then, with his characteristically "sharp" interpretation, he will revive the Imath that you are a villain, the Cat, and will continue with the Bird, In the Taverns Taverns, and The Baglams.

After the Regime it fell into obscurity as the musical tastes had changed. The dominant position was now political singing and light folk. Christakis forgot to sing for a living in the popular center of Kavala, when he found his first stroke. He left his last breath on June 1, 1981 at IKA Thessaloniki. His funeral took place in Kavala, with the help of friends and admirers.