The erotic folk singer of the 60's Petros Anagnostakis was born in 1933 in Tampouria, Piraeus but his origin was from Mani. He worked, sang and at the same time studied technical schools and became an engineer in the commercial navy.

His debut in the discography was made in 1957 as he was nominated by Columbia artist Christos Kolokotronis. He recorded his first song with Yiotas Lydia "I am a genuine gypsy" in lyrics by Kolokotronis and V. Karapatakis, followed by three more songs when his collaboration with the company was abruptly interrupted. He appeared in the cast with George Zambetta and collaborated on a record.

In 1958 he enlisted in the army and when he was dismissed he would continue his course. He begins his collaboration with Odeon. He appears in old Greek films, is invited to the palace or the villa of Onassis. With Zampeta he will also go abroad. He has collaborated with Zambetta, Babis Bakalis, George Mitsakis, George Manisialis, Kostas Virvos, Charalambos Vassiliadis, Thodoris Derveniotis and others. His biggest success is the song "I came and tonight on your steps".

His last record attempt was in 1980 while his last public appearance was in Cyprus in 1990. The singer died at his home in Keratsini on July 1, 1996.

Great Success: I came and tonight on your stairs, In one night, Walking and whistling, Great sadness, Woman of the night Rags etc

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