Manolis Angelopoulos was born on April 8, 1939 in Kavala (or Drama according to other statements) but lived his childhood in Agia Varvara of Aigaleo.

The first child of Erasmus's mother who gave birth to him at the age of 20, and his father, Iliakos Angelopoulos. He had a younger brother, Lesser. From a child he traveled all over Greece in a caravan. His parents were Gypsies. Little Manolis sang in the car's loudspeaker, selling the bastard because his parents were street vendors. Because of the loss of his father, at the age of 13, he tried to help his family by working in various entertainment centers near the area of ​​Agia Varvara and Petralona, ​​where he lived with his family.

At the urging of his cousin Anestos Athanasios, who was playing bouzouki in the orchestra of Stelios Kazantzidis and encouraging the popular composer Theodoros Derveniotis, he decided at the age of 17 to work professionally with the song. At the end of 1956 he began appearing in the popular center of Chaidari, next to Stratos Paioumtzis and Sotiria Bellou. At the same time, he recorded his first record with Tolly Esdra's song "Run in the Mother Bags", which went almost unnoticed. The first recording was followed in 1957. In early 1958 came the first major success, paving the way for him to the top. It was Stratos Attalides 'song "Magala" that surpassed 100,000 tracks and was the awe of Stelios Kazantzidis' "Mandubala".

During the 1960s he became more popular as he sang songs about refugee Hellenism and exotic places. His music was influenced by Greek folk and Arabic music, and he was mainly an expressionist of the tsifteeli.

He has collaborated with many major songwriters, such as Manolis Chiotis, Vassilis Tsitsanis, Giorgos Mitsakis and others, and has released many albums that have been very successful. Among his greatest hits are the songs "Your Black Eyes", "As Long As You Wish", "Good Luck", "The Two-Face", "Kalamaria's Fired", "Your Kisses Are Fire", "I'm Afraid to Laugh "," There is no separation for us "," My soul was bored "," Pencil "," Drop in the glass "," Go up to my table "," Magala "," With what heart ".

He has had dozens of film appearances and inspections, as well as many concerts abroad, including Greek immigrants: America, Canada, Australia, West Germany and Belgium. On June 19 and 20, 1983, his two concerts came to an end at the Lycabettus Theater, where the indivisible was created. The concert and the broadcast of his concert by ERT received critical comments on the type of music, as well as Angelopoulos himself because of his origin.

Manolis Angelopoulos died suddenly on April 2, 1989, in a London hospital, one week before he was in his fifties due to complications from a heart surgery (triple bypass) he had undergone on January 14. At his funeral, enough people were found to bid farewell to the so-called Gypsy King. He was married to the singer Constantine, while from his first marriage, which lasted ten years, he also had three children with the singer Annoula Vassiliou, Maria (baptism by Stelios Kazantzidis), Elias and Stathis Angelou


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